Video Intercom Kit.

2 Wire Door Entry Kit

120º vision camera 

proximity key reader

aluminum outdoor unit with high resistance and robustness

7-inch hands-free monitor with capacitive touch buttons

Record of automatic image capture of unanswered calls



Additional Color Monitor set for Video Intercom Kit KVS-31221.

Last generation Hands-free monitor to be used as an extension of Erlea Plus Kit. With 7-inch widescreen, and with the best features for the user. When the call is received from the entrance panel, it rings on all the monitors. The image of the visitor is automatically shown on all monitors. If any of the monitors is picked up, audio and video communication will be established on this monitor with the visitor. Also, by having several monitors in the house you can make intercom calls between them, as long as there is no call in progress from the entrance panel.